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A garden is defined by purpose. We believe in seed time and harvest. Plant your best seeds, believe God, reap the greatest harvest.
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House plants eaten alive. Geranium photos. Cure your
Potted Plant Woes.
Spring in Oklahoma
Grow cabbage in your refrigerator
Learn too gro your garden.
Worm Farming Secrets

Earth: Soil Surveys
Oklahoma has soil surveys of each county. Soil type and depth are right at the top of the list with the importance of water and light.

Oklahoma City residents asked to lighten up on fertilizer which can impair the health of the Cityís lakes and streams when itís allowed to wash down neighborhood drains.
OSU Oklahoma
Cooperative Extension Service

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Gardeners Welcome!

If you dig dirt, you're in the right place.

Oklahoma Gardening on YouTube.com

Weather Reports and Annual Rainfall Tables
Average rainfall makes a great deal of difference whether you should plant succulents or draught hardy plants.
The success of your garden design, as well as implementation, are found to be dependent upon your understanding of the soil, climate and growing season.
Below you can find rainfall, climate norms and weather prediction at Accuweather.
Email me if you have any questions.

Ye Olde Gardener

Your Personal Weather Report!
Use your zip code to explore weather, rainfall and climate in your area.

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Earth Quakes and Tremors
Find a technical name for a flower or plant.
Planting guides and other garden information
Oklahoma State University
Master Gardeners
Oklahoma Gardening
TV you'll grow to love!
More questions?
Indigo Acres Chemical Free Produce
Get your share of fresh vegetables!

Allen Parleir and Elia Woods bring the community together through gardening.
For more information about Allen Parleir check out his project Closer to Earth.
Elia Woods works with Common Wealth Urban Farms.
Old Farmer's Almanac
The annual publication that outlines climate areas, planting schedules, humor and articles for the gardener. Get one and get a good start for next spring.
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