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So your best potted plant died.
I lost a few plants to what appeared to be sudden death. The plants were looking good, then a leaf withered, within two days the plant seemed to shrivel before my eyes.Watering didn't help. Fertilizer was too late.
What happened to my plants?
Maybe a nefarious enemy adding toxic stuff to my pots?
The strange, bubbling sound when I watered my plants was a clue.
I credited the bubbles to the porous, dry soil, but more clues were spindly plants, lack of growth, wilting leaves. Repotting didn't help, sometimes the plants died soon after.

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What was the PROBLEM?
Now I know to put the soil in the oven before repotting, but I didn't do it. Time is short and I am conserving energy. Potting soil that I bought looked like the dirt from my back yard, so that is where I got my dirt.
That didn't help.I bought potting soil with spagum moss added. My plants died faster. I considered pH factors, sunlight, heat, cold and how much fertilizer.
Nothing helped, until one day when repotting, I saw little green round things in the soil.
It helped to have my new glasses on.I realized these were earthworm egg sacs.
I raised earthworms before and the worms laid eggs in a cycle. BUT, the sacs were in the new potting soil. I tried to cure it by putting Sevin in my pots. Most of my plants responded well.
The next time I get any kind of soil for my indoor plants, I will heat the soil. I am going to put it in the oven for twelve hours at 200 degrees.
Anything nefarious should cook like the Christmas turkey.


Potted Plants Apparent Sudden Death
Original plant two weeks
after brought into the house.

An unseen soil benefactor outside did not do my potted plants good. In fact, they were eating the available plant matter in the soil. That just happened to be the little feeder roots of my avocado trees and a Christmas cactus to mention a few.
Help your plant with the dead leaf removal.

Use a good pesticide in the soil when you bring the plants inside to get rid of pests.

Well, the rest of the story is that I found out why a poinsetta plant died and it wasn't earthworms, as I originally thought.
When I liberated the dead plants from the soil, I found that the stems below the soil were wrapped in some type of burlap.
The plants had no feeder roots.


Green leaves with wilted edges
may have to be removed
with the nippers or sissors.

Plant partly done.

I lost a little avocado tree because its feeder roots were gone before I got to it.

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