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2008 brought an abundant growth in my Christmas Cactus. Multiple blooms volunteered to brighten my patio window.
I brought the plants in about the end of September.
Someone told me to cover the plant with a paper bag and withhold water for two weeks.
Fertilizer water was given to the plant two weeks later. All the buds formed the next week. We had a good few weeks of sun after that. February was a good month for the blooms.

The plants did not do well outside in the summer of 2008. I had squirrel problems. Oklahoma got more rain, but not enough to keep the squirrels fed. They chewed up my Snake Plant and broke my beautiful Christmas Cactus.

Flowers grown indoors Winter 2009
Peace lily flowers

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2009 Report on Plants

If you are not careful the plants will grow
where you least expect them.
God's grace has taken care of me.
During the time when the outside resources don't get it,
I can grow food in my refrigerator.
In October, 2008 I cut off half of the head and cooked it.
This half I put in the crisper wrapped loosely in a plastic bag.
About a week later I got it out to cook it.
More than half the head grew back.

Look at the roots.

2011 was not any better.
I could have had
roasted squirrel because
of the hundred degree weather.
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